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Blaine County & City of Ketchum tap NeuroMediation Group to launch landlord-tenant mediation program

Housing Mediation Project is a free mediation program that provides landlords and tenants with an avenue to resolve housing-related issues without filing an eviction with the court.

HAILEY and KETCHUM, Idaho, Nov. 23, 2022– NeuroMediation Group LLC, proven international conflict resolution experts, today announced the launch of the Housing Mediation Project serving Blaine County landlords and tenants. The City of Ketchum, in partnership with Blaine County, contracted NeuroMediation Group to develop, market, and administer the program.

“NeuroMediation Group possesses the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to execute a much-needed housing mediation program quickly and efficiently,” said City of Ketchum Housing Strategist Carissa Connelly. “We are experiencing extremely limited alternative housing options, and formal mediation could help stabilize or assist over 90 households and landlords in Blaine County in the first year.”

Read more: https://www.neuromediationgroup.com/news

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