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Save the date: 11/29 Free Idaho eviction law training

What: The Housing Mediation Project presents a free training on Idaho eviction law led by attorney Gary L. Neal. Gary will share his extensive knowledge of the components and complexities of landlord-tenant laws in Idaho. He has been practicing real estate law for more than 20 years.

Who should attend? Attorneys, landlords, tenants, caseworkers, social workers, and mediators encountering housing and eviction issues are encouraged to attend.

When & Where: Tues., Nov. 29, 9:00 a.m.-Noon, Zoom

Register to receive the Zoom link: To register and for more information about the Housing Mediation Project, email:; call: 208-314-1330

Background: This training is part of the Housing Mediation Project, a free mediation program that provides Blaine County landlords and tenants with an avenue for resolving housing-related issues without filing an eviction with the court. The pre-court eviction mediation program is available to landlords considering filing for eviction and tenants facing eviction.

  • Landlords can receive late and no rent payments, save time, remedy property issues, and avoid legal and court fees associated with filing an eviction.

  • Tenants can avoid an eviction filing on their permanent public record (which can make it extremely difficult to access new housing), maintain stable housing, and reduce disruption if a move is unavoidable.

Mediation is a fair, efficient, and confidential process for resolving disagreements.

  • A mediator is a neutral third party, not a tenant advocate. Any landlord concessions made in mediation are theirs to make, and there is no pressure to perform.

  • During mediation, trained mediators help the parties find a mutually acceptable resolution.

  • Payment arrangements made in mediation are paid 93 percent of the time. If a judge orders a cash award, the likelihood of seeing that money drops to 37 percent.

  • Pre-court mediation can result in a written agreement that can be used as evidence in court in the unlikely event the agreement is not complied with, and eviction becomes inevitable.

About Gary L. Neal, Attorney at Law, Neal Colburn PLLC

Gary Neal has been practicing real estate law for more than 20 years. His extensive knowledge of real property law in Idaho allows him to provide outstanding legal counsel in all aspects of real estate litigation as well as residential and commercial transactions. Gary’s understanding of the legal complexities of real estate matters is reflected in his significant contributions to the legal field in the form of legal publications and involvement in landmark cases in Idaho real estate law. For more about Gary, visit

We look forward to seeing you online Nov. 29th!

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